About Dan . . .

Dan’s career and involvement with computers stems all the way back to the late 1970s.

TEK Support (originally called DL & Associates named for Dan & Laurilyn) was founded by Dan Divito in 1987 when he decided to leave behind the “corporate world” and focus on the fast growing micro computer industry.

At that time the company specialized in network and business system software, design, implementation and support geared toward the small to mid-sized business sector. Dan worked with numerous Manufacturing and Business software products and his team designed and setup numerous networks for a wide variety of companies in the GTA.

Prior to then, Dan worked for large corporations from 1977 in the IT departments of large corporations such as Hallmark Cards, Warner Lambert/Park Davis and PPG Canada Inc. As Data Centre Manager at PPG, he saw first hand the growth of micro computers and believed that it was the future for small to mid-sized businesses.

Today, TEK Support is a shop that provides a more non-corporate but one-on-one approach to customer service. Although our retail store provides many different hardware and software solutions, there is no single “connection” to any one hardware company or software house. This allows us to propose the best solution based on our customer’s needs and requirements, be it new, recycled, used or high tech vs simple easy peasy.

Dan has lived in the Newmarket area with his wife and partner, Laurilyn and their 2 children Michael and Danielle, since 1989.

Our shop is located on Main Street in the heart of historic downtown Newmarket.